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What Are the Benefits of a Healing Kitchen?
Is your kitchen a healing kitchen? We’ve all heard the words ethnic beauties, "Your kitchen is your medicine cabinet. You can kill or heal from what is stored and prepared in your kitchen." Those are serious words.

How to Get Glowing Skin in Quarantine
Stress and anxiety are buzzwords in today’s pandemic and apparently the economy is not the only thing suffering. If you notice sudden attacks of skin dullness and breakouts or rashes and flare-ups from existing skin conditions, your stress level must be high.

Changing The Way You Eat Can Save Your Life
Can changing the way you eat save your life? Is this a rhetorical question? Of course it can. The question becomes, how do you change old habits with food and replace good ones?

Need An Awesome New Wardrobe to Work From Home?
Need an awesome new wardrobe? Every season you ready your closet for the entrance of new pieces. This year we're in a global pandemic and you're working form home. Do you still need that wardrobe?

How to Personalize Skin Care for Ethnic Beauty
To personalize skin care, there are certain factors that come to mind. The biggest being cost. Your skin type and level of melanin content will also play an important role in personalizing your skin care needs. What else do you look for?

How To Use Elderberry to Build Your Immune System
Elderberry, along with a few other choice herbs, have become the herbs of the day during this global pandemic. The key is to build your immune system and keep it healthy enough fight off pathogens.

How Simple Pantry Ingredients Can Help Your Skin
Pantry ingredients and your skin. What a winning combination ethnic beauties, especially when it comes to removing dead skin cells. There are two that are plentiful and so simple they are often overlooked. What might they be?

Living the Best At-Home Spa Life With CBD
Ooo ahh an at-home spa with CBD Ethnic Beauties. The World has been ordered to Shelter-In-Place. What better way to spend some of your time than relaxing with CBD spa products. The kind you can make at home.

What Are The Best Hair Styles for Textured Hair
Textured hair styles have been with us for ages. What are the best? That's up for debate. Especially if you're an ethnic beauty of African decent.

How To Make the Best of Your Time At Home
Make the best of your time at home ethnic beauties. We're in the midst of the Coronavirus. It's a global pandemic and that means everyone is at risk.

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